Tableau Consulting

Our consultants give expert advice in all aspects of Tableau. From the development of dashboards that tell the stories behind the data, to the deployment of Tableau server whereby dashboards can be shared with an entire organization. Don’t stay in the dark in this decade of big data and capture the real value of your company now.

Tableau Training

At Captic we believe in putting the data in the hands of the business users who have the most to gain from it. Therefore, we choose Tableau, because it works the way people think. Our people are craving to share their knowledge of Tableau with you. That way you can understand and communicate with your data, without being a computer scientist. We offer both beginner and advanced training courses.

Tableau Licences

We are a Tableau reseller and accompany you on your journey from your first Tableau license up until rolling out Tableau to your entire company. We are in close contact with Tableau to guarantee you a licensing model with minimal costs and optimal results.


Tableau Software

Analyze big data, any data in a matter of minutes with intuitive drag and drop software. Anyone can visualize data with Tableau. No coding, just insights.

Captic is the go-to partner to implement Tableau in your business.

Google Cloud Platform

Use the infrastructure upon which Google was built! Secure, scalable and the best value-for-money cloud provider in the business.

Launch yourself in the world of cloud computing taxyied by the experts of Captic.

Tableau Overview